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Curriculums are designed for both new or returning students (unless otherwise specified). All supplies included. New sessions, workshops & mini-series will post regularly- SESSIONS TO BE LISTED SOON- PLEASE CHECK BACK!



Both an intro to formal art lessons  & a natural continuation of our previous sessions- a great time for young artists to join the creativity!  Students will work collaboratively & independently on various projects while exploring familiar and new mediums (various paints, clay, plaster and others!).  Classes include learning about color mixing, well-known artists and their techniques, as well as painting, drawing, collage, color theory & more.


ELEMENTS OF ART w/ Anna Podris and Keith Norval 


A great way incorporate art and creativity for curious minds and art lovers alike!  Space is limited.  Students are asked to wear masks.



“Every child is an artist. The problem is  how to remain an artist once we grow up.”   

Pablo Picasso 

Childs name(s) & age(s)

TELL US what your ART DESIRES~ We truly do want to know! If you have an art-loving kid, but don’t see a studio class, time, day, medium or topic that fits… just call or contact us through the website. We do our best to post exciting classes & are always happy to add new ones. If you have a group of 5-or-more interested friends/classmates/neighbors, we can design a new weekly-series or workshop for open-registration.


We strive to offer a variety of afternoon classes for different levels and interests. Please feel free to call the studio with any questions about any class, teacher, or your child’s placement. (We’d also love to hear if you have an interest, preference or request for future classes!)  Each of our talented teachers, local artists and movement instructors will continue to instruct the same weekdays throughout the school year, with a progressive lesson plans and topics, so that your little artist may continue seamlessly through several class series, if desired, building on the previous learning. 

After-School FAQs:
  • Supplies are always included, as a general rule. On occasion, a more expensive or size-specific item may be requested from the student for a class project (i.e. t-shirt). Small fees or pricing adjustments for more expensive materials may be reflected in series-pricing. 

  • Age/grade groupings are guidelines. WHEN REGISTERING, PLEASE INCLUDE CHILD’S AGE. Curriculum is created per age group and we ask that you sign your child up for the class that best suites their age group.  Exceptions can be made on occasion based on parent input & teacher approval. Please call the studio with any questions.

  • Class Schedules follow the WCPSS schedule: holiday/vacation/teacher-workdays there not be class. However the studio offers Schools-Out Workshops on many of these days.

  • INCLEMENT WEATHER:  The studio follows the WCPSS inclement weather policy in MOST cases; primarily when school is closed the morning of/after a weather-event. After-School studio classes are usually NOT cancelled for impending weather unless the weather-event has already started or is imminent, even if WCPSS cancels After-School-programs-only. We will TRY our best to contact parents via email and/or phone asap.  

  • MAKE-UP CLASSES:  Generally, there will not be make-up classes for one or two classes canceled due to weather or other unpredictable causes. (This may vary w/series length & studio/teacher discretion.) If significant class-time is lost, the studio/teacher may add time to the end of remaining classes to provide make-up.  In the event make-up classes or additional studio-time opportunities are offered and scheduled, the same day/time CANNOT be guaranteed (may be an evening or weekend). No studio-credit will be issued for cancellations. No make-up time is guaranteed. 

  • MISSED CLASSES: Classes not attended by a student due to illness, travel, schedule-conflicts, family-obligations, etc. are NOT subject to make-up classes, additional studio time, or credit/reimbursement. We DO always try to work with our students (within reason) to make sure they have received reasonable instruction or opportunity to work on un-finished projects. When possible, we can try to accommodate sitting in on a similar class. Any arrangement will be per studio/teacher discretion/as studio schedule allows.